Cristina Montoro

Psychologist & psychoterapist


“Your inner strength is your outer foundation”

- Allan Rufus


“The body cries out what the soul hushes.”

- Dr Bach



SUPPORT: My commitment is listening to you without prejudice or judgments.

Accompanying you in the process of finding what you need to give to yourself in terms of emotions, thoughts or actions.

Support you and reinforce your trust in fulfilling your dreams and your challenges.


SPACE: To find a safe place in the world.


A place that allows you to grow personally and professionally.


A place to explore new roles and possibilities with freedom and creativity.


A place where all noise (internal and external) is transformed into peace and harmony.


A place where to listen to the body’s messages and give them the right attention.


A place to find answers to problematic situations and personal growth.

TIME: Finding the time to awake your awareness.


The time in which you can express your feelings, your dreams and your needs.


The time to give to yourself the love and care that you deserve.


The right time to transform your limitations into potential.


The time to rest and remove yourself from all the hustle and bustle, stress, and duties.


Finally the time to deal with unresolved issues from the past and your future plans.

Cristina Montoro E-mail: cm.montoro@gmail.com Tel: +45 7172 3014